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In good and bad times, sex sells.


If you want to make money working in the adult entertainment industry, consider introducing yourself to adult studios and talent agencies. They provide regular people with the opportunity to jump into the adult industry and become a full or part time professional model.

However, without the right contacts you have minimal chances to start your career or even to make some extra pocket money. This is where we come in to play. Through our existing contacts, we will find you the work. You either accept or decline the jobs that are presented. They pay us a finders fee. To start the process of being offered modeling jobs, head over to our Model Application.

How much can you earn?

American adult entertainment industry is a close-knit and highly secretive field. Consequently, it is very difficult to get information about the profits in this business. Almost all models sign confidentiality agreements that prohibit them to tell the details of their salaries. 

However, as with any other large industry, you can find some insiders who can tell about the peculiarities of their business. First of all, there is no "hourly rate" in the adult industry. Performers are paid on a "per scene" basis without any royalties. The exact amount can vary depending on the following factors:

The popularity of the performer. As you understand, the salary of Brad Pitt in a Hollywood blockbuster will differ from the salary of a supporting character in an independent movie. The more popular you are the more money you will receive. The mega-stars like Jenna Jameson can earn anywhere from $200,000 to $2 million per year. An average girl will approximately get $500-$1,200 a scene. 

Male or female. Your salary will depend on whether you are male or female. Men are paid less. They rarely make more than $250 - $500 per scene depending on their reliability and popularity. 

The type of scene you are hired for. The more outrageous things you are ready to do the more you will get paid. Typically, you can make about $500-$1000 for a typical solo or man/women scene with nothing out of the ordinary. Performing sexual acts that are a bit atypical will boost your salary into the $1000-$2000 range. Anal sex is more expensive than vaginal, double penetration is more expensive than anal sex, and the more partners in a scene, the more money you will get.

How will the material be used. You will earn more money for a scene in a full length film than for web-based photos.

The other factors in estimating the potential for income in the adult entertainment industry include the credibility of the production company, how rare or in demand you are (for example, some companies might be more interested in BBW or shemale performers than in a blond female). Also, first-time performers are paid more. 

Typically, models get one-time cash payment or check for their scenes, but the terms of payment may vary depending on the length of the film or photo shoot.

If you wish to apply to become a model in the adult entertainment industry, head over to our  MODEL APPLICATION